Frequently Asked Questions

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How does the boosting work?

For the boosting services, we require to log in to your XBL (Xbox live acc), PSN (PlayStation), or Origin acc (for PC) to be able to play division rivals with your players. We will start boosting asap as soon as we receive your order. For security reasons, please also provide backup codes, in case it would ask us to enter. When the order come in, we will assign to one of our booster employee in the company, and start working. As soon as its done, we will notify you instantly via email. In the meantime you are more than welcome to say hi or ask about status on live chat. If you have security questions or concerns, do not hesitate to ask!

How does the coins work?

We offer two types of delivery methods:

Comfort trade: 

During the ordering process, you need to provide your account details. After you've made the order, we will log in to your account and provide you the ordered amount of coins. This is the easiest method for you since you don't have to use transfer market by yourself, you cannot make any mistakes, just sit back and wait until we fulfill your order.

We are asking for your backup codes on comfort trade, we will use them to log in to your account, so you don't have to remove authenticator.
Just log in to your EA customer portal, click on Security tab then click on backup codes.
Provide us at least 2 non-used code.

Player auction:

After your purchase, we will send you a mail with the instructions of which players to put up to the Transfer Market. Therefore please list up the cards cards for player auction for the amount we have provided. We will buy them out and you will receive your coins.

Is it safe? (Risks for buying FIFA 19 services)

Boosting services are 100% safe. Unfortunately the coin packs has a minimal risk due to the automated heuristic system of the EA. To minimize risk we recommend to prefer player auction over the comfort trade. Preferred date or time for purchase is usually recommended when its peak in trades, especially weekends, however it has very minimal affect on the risk. You should avoid listing bronze players. To get the possible best recommended PA players, please order your pack and contact us, our 24/7 cust support agents will help you out with this matter. 

Chance of detection is minimal, because we have our safe private delivery method. Sometimes you can possible receive one or more warning of EA, which is automated and usually not mean anything, but a message, that they spotted a transaction with abnormal amount of coins. 

To even reduce risks in case of any transaction flag, we recommend to invest your purchased coins into a few special players in its normal market value, so in case of EA wipe (which means coins removal by EA after suspicious transaction), you won't lose coins because have it invested in form of FUT player. Later you can sell it and have your coins back again.
We do not recommend public internet providers, proxies, or VPNs to use while playing (however its not standard for consoles).
In case you get transfer market lock or account suspended (by any special reason), the only way is to contact game provider for more unlock request, but this is not the area we are going to cover, because its clearly against the game company terms of service, so they will not support coin distribution.

Is it legal?

Our services are 100% legal worldwide, so Futcow services are not fake or scam at all. By using our service, you are not breaking the law. However the game company might prohibit some sort of activity (e.g account sharing) in some countries or areas, so this is your sole responsibility to read and accept the Terms of Service of the game company. If you like the game, support the game as well buy purchasing packs and use together with our services.

How long will it take?

You can check the product and services description to know more about the average delivery timeframe. We are strict with it!

Do you need any prequisites before I buy coin?

First of all, you need to own the game and have an account ready, which means you need to have an unlocked transfer market. Without it, we cannot complete your order.

Can I check how my order is going at any point?

If you want to inspect the current standing, please always contact us first, and we pause the order for that time. This is to prevent the issues to drop us out from the transfer market (Comfort trade option) because it may cause some troubles. 

Will my password be changed?

No. We never change your password with any reason.

I don't have any account of your listed payment methods, how should I pay?

You should send us an email or come to live chat with the method you are looking to use.

My account has been hacked, what can I do?

Do not worry at all. You can be 100% sure that our team never try to change any detail on your account, so the best you can do is to request a new password or contact the game author company.

The reason for account hack can be related to malwares on your PC, keylogger, or any other fraudulent software ran on your machine.

Any other questions, please contact us!

Can I play the game during the order on my account?

No. Unfortunately everything will interrupt our session.

Account responsibility

You have to know that you are using a service, which is not supported by EA. If your account will be terminated, that is your responsibility, so please keep that in mind. We will do our best to keep your account safe during coin trades.