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Lazy Player Auction (Auto pilot method, so you will not need to figure out which players to list. Check this box, continue with your order and be sure to contact us).

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Player AuctionIf you list your players, the start and buyout prices will be auto suggested based on the current market PR and player stats. We'll buy them out normally with the safest possible way to avoid detection. To know more about possible coin wipe, removal, lock please refer to our FAQ at the bottom area of Futcow website.

Lazy Player Auction method would not require to list any player, just add the product to your cart, checkout and contact us via email or live chat for recommendation on player auction (We will let you know which players, what duration, and what form to use for listing).

Normal Player Auction: For your own safety, we have temporarily restricted our db to special-only players. Prefer OTW and IFs. For maximum safety please try to list maximum up to 3 players of the same.

If you encounter issues with our pre-generated recommended numbers, please let us know via live chat or email.